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Pay Mi Time is an innovative user-friendly mobile application offering instant discounts purely basing on your time spent with our empanelled restaurants

What are these Instant Discounts?

We offer instant discounts based on the time spent by the customer at a chosen place.
In other words, we pay for your time! To elaborate further, you can choose to spend your time either by sipping coffee, having lunch/dinner while hanging out with your buddies. We assure you the discount on the bill at that very moment.

Features :

  1. Instant Discounts
  2. Area wise Restaurant finder(which helps people know restaurants in our city)
  3. App which displays discounts(which helps people find variety of discounts)
  4. Google Maps (a feature which directs customers to easily go to the selected restaurants)
  5. Dynamic Menu (Inbuilt menu which helps people save time and preplan)

How does Pay Mi Time work?

Step 1

Download the application. (Our app is available in IOS and Android)

Step 2

Sign-up with your details and register

Step 3

Select the place you want to hang out on our Pay Mi Time listings

Step 4

Notify restaurant that you are from PayMiTime

Step 5

Order from the app as we offer dynamic menu options

Step 6

Go to the chosen place, relax, have fun but keep a tab on your time spent as you are being offered this discount on every minute you relax! (Sounds fascinating!Let’s explore more on this in our self-explanatory tutorial)