PayMiTime is a mobile App which gives instant discounts to the customers basing upon their time spent in the restaurants

What are these Instant Discounts?

We offer instant discounts based on the time spent by the customer at a chosen place. In other words, we pay for your time! To elaborate further, you can choose to spend your time either by sipping coffee, having lunch/dinner or just buy a bottle of water while hanging out with your buddies. We assure you the discount on the bill at that very moment.

Step 1

Download the application. (Our app is available in IOS and Android)

Step 2

Sign-up with your details and register

Step 3

Select the place you want to hang out on our PayMiTime partners

Step 4

Place your order from the app as we offer dynamic menu options

Step 5

You can select the restaurant from our empanneled Partner list Restaurants. Go to the chosen place, relax, have fun but keep a tab on your time spent as you are being offered this discount on every minute you relax!

Download the Application

About PayMiTime

Founded by amateur entrepreneurs, PayMiTime is first innovative pocket - friendly mobile application with a global notion Value for Time
Our lifestyle dynamics demand efficient time management, every aspect of life involves this factor.
Simple and daily tasks like regular house-hold chores, work, kids, and finances demand keen attention. Finding an effective way to balance and manage these aspects on a daily basis call for meticulous planning. Relaxation and weekend balance has become one’s lifestyle needs all at the cost of effective time management and planning.
If only we could wake up 15 minutes early to avoid this traffic? If only we could get those extra 2 minutes to sleep, if only we could get another 10 minutes to finish a n assigned task If only someone offers me a valued price​ for time spent with my friends, family?
Yes, you have read it right!
We, at PayMiTime have realised the importance of those few extra minutes in our daily lives, and decided to value them, our application is strategically designed to allow our customer to plan and enjoy the benefits offered.
Our concept is simple; we pay you for your time spent !


Time is precious; we at PayMiTime not only value your time but also offer you Instant Rewards for every minute you have spent at a particular place!


To create a business impact and become a competitive advantage for our clients, by virtue of our cost effective service.

To market and create valuable sources to meet the growing sphere of desires from both ends merchant and their customer

To hold our roots strong and create, grow and learn in an ethically driven environment preserving our core value system.

Three MBA graduates, who were anxiously looking for a change in their respective careers, struck a chord with PayMiTime. They belonged to the typical working class of people – long working hours, little exercise and lots of ideas. These guys charged their brains, experience and contacts. And of course, Damn Luck was by their side! This puddle of thoughts was fine tuned into ONE thought and paved way to PayMiTime.

Jaganath Kulkarni


Santhosh Tholakoppula


Sharath Javvaji


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